Covid-19 Announcement

Dear Patients,
We hope you are all well and safe.
Dr. Greenspan and Dr. Veritas are both available for virtual / telemedicine
Simple and easy instructions to schedule an Appointment Online:

  1. Please first text your doctor through the mobile numbers provided
    below with the following information:
    a. Your full name
    b. Any pictures that will be needed for the appointment
    Dr. Greenspan: (201)-357-7164
    Dr. Veritas: (917)-727-8361
  2. After sending the appropriate information via text, you can schedule an appointment using the below links:
    a. Dr. Greenspan: Click Here
    b. Dr. Veritas: Click Here

If you cannot schedule online:
• Scheduling can be done with our staff from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and they will assist with scheduling an appointment

Hopefully our office will be open soon.
Stay well, stay safe,
Alan Greenspan, MD
Zoe Veritas, MD